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Link to the Goodmeat House of Horror Halloween Spectacular.

28 Jun 2011 - New Update:  I have wanted to get back to updating this site for a while, I think about it often, at least .25 times a week.  Normally .25 times a week is too small a fraction to motivate me to greatness; also, I got shit to do.

15 Feb 2009 - After Halloween Incident:  Ok, well it has been a while since I have last updated this site. It seems to be a common theme lately. I will have you know that it is not my fault (nothing ever is).

4 Nov 2008 - Sock F****!:  Halloween is over, and that means I can finally get back to updating this site. Whatís that you say? I havenít updated this site for over a year? Well, let me assure you that you are wrong and I will be changing the dates on all my posts soon to corroborate my story.

13 Sep 2007 - Clear-Casting:  I pooped seven times yesterday, and If I had to decribe all seven movements with one word, that word would be "Muddy."

12 Jul 2007 - MTV Sucks:  MTV is horribly horrible. It is vapidly stupid and is destroying our young people.

07 Jul 2007 - Eye Boogers:  Have you ever had a stretch of days where one eye produces eye-boogers more than normal? My right eye seems to have gone into eye-booger production overtime.

22 Mar 2007 - Penmanship: I have excellent penmanship. Wait, did I say excellent? I meant to say I have atrocious, offensively horrible, vomit-inducing penmanship.

16 Feb 2006 - Popular Gossip: What is the deal with the celebrity name-combining going on these days? 

10 Feb 2006 - The End: I have some sad news. In the past two days, on two separate occasions, and on two separate radio stations, I have been witness to the playing of "Me and Julio Down by the School Yard" by Paul Simon. 

7 Feb 2006 - First: First and foremost I finally broke down and made a blog.. 

23 Nov 2005 - Forms: I think I am finally done in-processing Germany... 


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